Sample Business Contracts

Employment Contract - Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Holdings LP and Joseph A. Fusco

                              EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT

          This letter will serve to confirm our understanding and agreement
("Agreement") pursuant to which Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Holdings, L.P.
("Trump") has agreed to employ Joseph A. Fusco ("You") and you have agreed to be
employed by Trump for a period commencing on June 1, 1996 and expiring on May
31, 1999 or such later date to which it may be extended pursuant to Paragraph 13
hereof ("Expiration Date") unless terminated earlier by Trump pursuant to
Paragraph 12 hereof.

 1.  You shall be employed by Trump in the capacity of Executive Vice President,
     Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, to perform such duties as are
     commonly attendant upon such office.

 2.  a.  During the term of this Agreement, you shall be paid an annual base
         salary at the rate of Two Hundred Eighty-Five Thousand ($285,000)
         Dollars, payable periodically in accordance with Trump's regular
         payroll practices.

     b.  Upon the execution of this Agreement, you shall receive Forty Thousand
         ($40,000) Dollars.

     c.  At the end of each calendar year during your employment, you shall
         receive a bonus in a minimum amount calculated pursuant to the bonus or
         similar plan then in effect by Trump Plaza Associates, a subsidiary of

 3.  On the first anniversary of your employment with Trump and on all
     subsequent anniversary dates, you annual salary will be reviewed in
     accordance with Trump's regular policies therefor. Any increase of your
     annual salary shall be in Trump's sole and absolute discretion.

 4.  You shall be afforded coverage under Trump's employee insurance programs in
     such form and at such levels as Trump, in its sole and absolute discretion,
     may hereafter elect to provide for similarly situated executives.

 5.  a.  You shall be entitled to participate in Trump's executive benefit
         programs in such form and at such levels as Trump, in its sole and
         absolute discretion, may hereafter elect to provide similarly situated

     b.  You shall also have free use of hotel valet and laundry services and
         executive comping privileges at such levels, if any, as Trump in its
         sole and absolute discretion, shall establish from time to time for
         similarly situated executives.

 6.  You agree that until the Expiration Date, so long as Trump continues to pay
     your salary as provided herein, you shall not accept employment, either as
     an employee, consultant or independent contractor, with or on behalf of any
     other casino hotel located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. You acknowledge
     and agree that this restrictive covenant is reasonable as to duration,
     terms and geographical area and that the same is necessary to protect the
     legitimate interests of Trump, imposes no undue hardship on you and is not
     injurious to the public.


 7.  You hereby agree that throughout the term of this Agreement you shall
     devote your full time, attention and efforts to Trump's business and shall
     not, directly or indirectly, work for, consult with or otherwise engage in
     any other activities of a business nature for any other person or entity
     without Trump's prior written consent.  You will promptly communicate to
     Trump, in writing when requested, any marketing strategies, technical
     designs and concepts, and other ideas pertaining to Trump's business which
     are conceived or developed by you, alone or with others, at any time
     (during or after business hours) while you are employed by Trump.  You
     acknowledge that all of those ideas will be Trump's exclusive property. You
     agree to sign any documents which Trump deems necessary to confirm its
     ownership of those ideas, and you agree to otherwise cooperate with Trump
     in order to allow Trump to take full advantage of those ideas.

 8.  You acknowledge that you have access to information which is proprietary
     and confidential to Trump. This information may include, but is not limited
     to: (a) identity of customers and prospects, (b) names, addresses and phone
     numbers of individual contacts, (c) pricing policies, marketing strategies,
     product strategies and methods of operation, and (d) expansion plans,
     management policies and other business strategies and policies. You
     acknowledge and understand that this information must be maintained in
     strict confidence in order for Trump to protect its business and its
     competitive position in the marketplace. Accordingly, both during and after
     termination of your employment, you agree that you will not disclose any of
     this information for any purpose or remove materials containing this
     information from


     Trump's premises.  Upon termination of your employment, you will
     immediately return to Trump all correspondence files, business card files,
     customer and prospect lists, price books, technical data, notes and other
     materials which contain any of this information and you will not retain
     copies of those materials.

 9.  You represent to Trump that there are no restrictions or agreements to
     which you are a party which would be violated by our execution of this
     Agreement and your employment hereunder.

10.  You hereby represent that you will apply for such New Jersey Casino Control
     Commission ("Commission") qualification and license as may be required in
     connection with your employment hereunder; will not perform any duties or
     exercise any powers relating to such employment until qualified or licensed
     as may be required; and will take appropriate steps to renew said
     qualification and license in a timely manner.

12.  Prior to the Expiration Date, Trump may terminate your employment only
     under the following circumstances (herein referred to as "Cause"):

     a.  the denial or revocation by the Commission of your qualification or
         casino key employee license and the exhaustion of all appeals therefrom
         or, in the absence of an appeal, the exhaustion of all appeal periods
         from such action;

     b.  your conviction of a crime under the law of any jurisdiction which
         constitutes a disqualifying crime described in N.J.S.A. 5:12-86;

     c.  your having become permanently disabled and unable to perform the
         essential functions of your position;


     d.  your death; or

     e.  any breach by you of your duty of trust to Trump, such as theft by you
         from Trump or fraud committed by you upon Trump.

     In the event of a termination pursuant to this paragraph, Trump shall pay
     to you your compensation under Section 2 hereof earned to the date of
     termination and shall have no further liability or obligation to you under
     this Agreement.

13.  Commencing on May 31,1998, twelve months prior to the initial Expiration
     Date of your employment, and on the last day of each week thereafter, this
     Agreement and its Expiration Date shall automatically be extended for an
     additional one (1) week period so that, at all times after such date, this
     Agreement shall remain in effect for an unexpired period of twelve (12)
     months. Such automatic renewals shall continue until Trump provides you
     with thirty (30) days prior written notice of its intent to stop such
     renewals and the effective date thereof. In the event of such notice, your
     employment under this Agreement shall terminate on the Expiration Date as
     last extended.

14.  Trump shall indemnify, defend and hold you harmless, including the payment
     of reasonable attorney fees if Trump does not directly provide your
     defense, from and against all liability, damages, costs and expenses
     arising from any and all claims made by anyone, including, but not limited
     to, a corporate entity, company, other employee, agent, patron or member of
     the general public, which assert, as a basis, any acts, omissions or other
     circumstances involving the performance of your employment duties hereunder
     except to the extent that such liability, damages, costs and expenses are
     based upon your gross negligence or willful and wanton acts.


15.  You represent that you are a citizen of the United States.

16.  You acknowledge that it would be extremely difficult to measure the damages
     that might result from any breach by you of your promises in Sections 6, 7
     and 8 of the Agreement and that a breach may cause irreparable injury to
     Trump which could not be compensated by money damages. Accordingly, Trump
     will be entitled to enforce this Agreement by obtaining a court order
     prohibiting you (and any others involved) from breaching this Agreement. If
     a court decides that any part of this Agreement is too broad, the court may
     limit that part and enforce it as limited.

17.  This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the
     laws of the State of New Jersey, and in any lawsuit involving this
     Agreement, you consent to the jurisdiction and venue of any state or
     federal court located in New Jersey. This Agreement represents the entire
     agreement between the parties and may not be modified or amended without
     the written agreement of both parties.

     If the foregoing correctly sets forth our understanding, kindly sign and
return to me the enclosed duplicate copy of this letter.

TRUMP HOTELS & CASINO RESORTS                   Agreed and Consented to by:
           HOLDINGS, L.P.

By:  Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts, Inc.
     General Partner

By:  /s/ Nicholas L. Ribis                      /s/ Joseph A. Fusco
     ---------------------                      -------------------
     NICHOLAS L. RIBIS                          JOSEPH A. FUSCO
     President and Chief Executive Officer

     May 3, 1996                                May 3, 1996