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Letter of Intent - Life Sciences Inc. and 1144668 Ontario Ltd.

Joint Venture Forms

June 15, 1999

Mr. Anthony S. Johnston
Lawrence T. Malek, Ph.D.
11144668 Ontario Ltd.
3403 American Drive
Suites 1-2
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L4V 1T4

Dear Tony and Larry:

Over the past year we have discussed a variety of proposals that would enable us
jointly to bring to market NASBA based products for detection of food home
pathogens. That the concept has retained its viability despite the many
distractions that we at Life Sciences have experienced during the interim
encourages me that our objectives are valid and with a modicum of good fortune
some measure of success in the food testing marketplace should be readily

In our most recent discussions, I advised you that LSI had completed its
negotiations to license the electrochemical detection technology that has been
patented by Cornell University. Further, we have continued our discussions with
Princeton Separations to develop a NASBA compatible electrochemiluminescent
technology that would provide the basis for an absorbance based, qualitative
assessment of the amplicons yielded in a successful NASBA reaction. These steps,
together with LSl's continuing effort to develop a solid state cassette to carry
out NASBA reactions using immobilized enzymes and primers, are expected to fuel
our opportunity for successful early on financing to support the development and
marketing of food testing products. The factors set out above are significant
elements in the follow on proposals for joint activities between our

In our most recent series of discussions on various aspects of proposed
collaborations, we agreed in principle that LSI and 1144668 Ontario Ltd.
(Numberco) would, subject to definitive documentation, enter into agreements
that would eventually lead to LSl's acquisition of 1144668 Ontario Ltd. in
exchange for the common stock of Life Sciences. As a path to this objective, LSI
and Numberco would initially form a joint venture to be equally owned by LSI and
Numberco to develop and market NASBA based tests for food home pathogens. With
the exception of contributing to the joint venture the technology necessary to
enable the joint venture to produce and sell a NASBA test for Listeria
monocytogenes, which is now an asset of Numberco, and Numberco's representation
on the governing body of the joint venture, the role of Numberco or the staff of
Genescape in the joint venture would be limited to that of advisory,
specifically with respect to advice regarding scientific operation of the
venture. LSI would bear all the legal, administrative and related costs to
establish, house and staff the venture's operations, and LSI would provide the
lead effort to attract grant and contract support from public and private U.S.
and international agencies with interest in food safety.

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Our discussions with respect to funding of the development of individual test
products also provided that either of LSI or Numberco may pursue investments
from others or make direct investment in the joint venture or alternatively in
individual test products. In such cases additional equity in the joint venture,
or a royalty interest in a specific test product, would be awarded. With respect
to the already developed test for Listeria monocytogenes, if the test is at or
near the market-ready state and may be introduced without substantial added
development expense to be borne by LSI, Numberco would receive a royalty equal
to 15% of the net sales of the L. monocytogenes test kit.

With respect to the existing and any altered capital structure of Numberco, in
exchange for 50,000 shares of LSI common stock, the principals of Numberco would
grant LSI an option to purchase their holdings in Numberco for an additional
200,000 shares of the common stock of LSI. LSI's option would be exercisable
within 3 years of the date of the joint venture agreement at any time that the
market value of LSI common stock is sustained at or above $6.00 per share for 30
consecutive days, the market value being computed as one-half the sum of the
closing bid and asked prices of the LSI common stock. LSI's option to purchase
would also be alternatively exercised through LSI's payment to you of $1.2

LSI's acquisition of an option to purchase Numberco recognizes that Cangene
Corporation owns a separate option to purchase a 25% interest in Numberco. This
option expires in September, 2000. With respect to the Cangene option, Numberco
and LSI are agreed that in the event Cangene elects to exercise its option, the
proceeds will flow to the current shareholders of Numberco, and LSI's option to
purchase Numberco becomes exercisable for the same consideration without regard
to the market value of the LSI common stock. Further, with respect to the LSI
option, prior to its exercise of same, the principals of Numberco may recover
for their own use such assets of Numberco as you elect, except for the NASBA
license for detection of food borne pathogens.

I trust that this communication accurately summarizes our discussions on this
matter to date and may serve as a basis for the development of definitive joint
venture and acquisition agreements. The agreement in principle represented by
this letter in intent is subject to the completion of our discussions, the
preparation, execution and delivery of definitive agreements, and the initiation
and completion of steps necessary to achieve compliance with applicable
securities laws. Please know that we at Life Sciences look forward to an
aggressive effort to fulfill the objectives described herein.


/s/ Alex A. Burns
Alex A. Burns
Vice President

                                    1144668 ONTARIO, LTD

                                    /s/ Lawrence Malek
                                    Lawrence Malek, President

                                    /s/ Anthony S. Johnston
                                    Anthony S. Johnston, Chief Executive Officer

                                    June 15, 1999